1.     The Fair Deals fund is not bottomless.  You may qualify, but you may not get the money if it has run out.

2.     If you are married or in a Civil Partnership, you will be assessed for Fair Deals on your loved one’s property and income as well as your own.

3.     The Family Home is assessed more lightly from other property for Fair Deals, but a farm or business is assessed just like a bank account or investment property.  That is at 7.5% per annum until you run out of money.

4.     Not everything is covered by the Fair Deals.  Some necessities such as laundry, transport, personal grooming and social activities are not covered.  For these, you might be dependent on the charity of your relatives.

5.     Which would you expect to cost more, a public Nursing Home or a Private one?  The Comptroller and Auditor General did the sums in May 2020 and found that the average price of a Private Nursing Home is €968 per week whereas the average Public rate is €1564 per week.

If you have a problem with the Fair Deals, you can email bradleys@iol.ie, click the call button, phone 014545138 or use the Contact Form.

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