I just want a simple will leaving everything to my partner and the kids.  Why do solicitors have to make everything so complicated?

Well, that sounds fairly straightforward.  So, who gets what then?

That’s the thing, you see, Deirdre is not the kids’ mother and I want to do right by all of them.

I can see tax problems here, apart from anything else.  but we won’t complicate things for the moment.  So, where is the kids’ mother?

Oh, she went back to Turkey after we split up.  But it’s okay, she got herself a divorce there years ago.  Water under the bridge.

So, you are divorced?

Kind of.  There seemed to be a bit of a problem a few years ago when Deirdre and I wanted to get married, so we just left well enough alone.

That’s something I will have to look into.  She might still have inheritance rights in Ireland.  What about the children?  Are they all over eighteen?

Sure, but they don’t act like it.  I wouldn’t want them to get their hands on serious money until they are at least thirty.

I see.  That could be a problem.  How are they situated financially at the moment?  Are they all working?

More or less.  Of course, Cian will never be able to earn a living for himself. 

What’s the problem?

Oh, he’s grand.  Lives in sheltered housing.  He’s the happiest of all of them.

I suppose you realise that if he comes into money, he will lose his state supports?

Well, I wouldn’t want that, but I do want to make sure he’s looked after when I’m gone.

I completely understand, and there are ways of dealing with that.  But for now, you mentioned “serious money”.  How much are we talking about?

Just the usual.  The house and a few investments.

You’re self-employed, aren’t you?

Sure, but what’s that got to do with it?

Well, is the business worth anything?

It certainly should be.  I put enough into it.

You might want to be thinking about an exit strategy.  I’m surprised you don’t have a pension plan.

Of course I do.  Who wouldn’t, with all that tax relief?

Do you know what it’s worth?

A couple of million, I’d say, but I’ll have gotten through most of it before I die, even in Turkey.


Yup, we’re buying a fantastic villa there with plenty of room for all the family to visit.

Well, if you think that making a will is complicated here, you should try doing it in Turkey.  And you will have to, if you have property there.

Why can’t I just do it here?

Okay, I get that you want a simple will.  So why don’t you come back to me when you have a simple life?

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