Keep track of your legal costs as you go and always know where you stand.

If you are concerned about Legal Costs, then our transparent fee structure is ideal for you.  It is based on different hourly rates for different types of work.  This allows you to keep track of your legal costs as you go.  Here are examples of fees for some of the most common types of work:

€100.00 per hour – Wills

€150.00 per hour – General Advice

€185.00 per hour – Enduring Powers of Attorney – Probate – Wards of Court

€250.00 per hour – Court Work

In addition, v.a.t. is payable on all fees at the prevailing rate, which is currently 23%.

Do you  think that you are better off with a fixed price?  Think again.  For a fixed price you get a fixed amount of work, a one size fits all approach and that often leads to poorer quality.  For a fixed price, you get exactly what you pay for.  That might seem fair enough, and it is.  But  an hourly rate gives you better value.  You pay only for what you get.

But what if you just cannot afford it either way?  For a general problem, you can seek advice at a FLAC Centre.  If you have a Family Law problem or a problem with Decision Making Capacity, you may be entitled to Legal Aid.  If your problem is about goods or services, try the Small Claims Court

No need to be worried about legal costs.


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